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Welcome to Gospel City Network's online learning center, The Greenhouse.

GCN is a gospel-centered, city-focused, and movement minded gospel agency that seeks to spread the gospel of Christ.

We pray and trust that the programs and courses will equip workers for the Kingdom. 

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Before I began Incubator, I had been serving as the Director of Student and Children's Ministry" for a little over 2 years, but I still felt like a novice. Going through the Incubator program, I grew leaps and bounds in knowledge and understanding.

It taught me what it means to be a church,  how to contextualize the gospel to others so they would understand it and it helped me be a better youth teacher and curriculum-writer. The gospel truly speaks to ALL areas of mylife. 

There's  a community that I could share my experiences with and learn from in return. I'm thankful for two years with Incubator!
Bethany from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Incubator has given me a shield by strengthening my biblical foundation for missions, ministries, and church-planting, in the city (like Kuala Lumpur), and a sword by sharpening my theological vision so that it is Gospel-centred and Christ-focused.

With a strong foundation built on the Scripture, Incubator has enabled me to dig deeper and be ever-ready to stand firm  amidst daily trials and sudden upheavals.

With a sharp Gospel-centred mindset, Incubator has trained me to see through the lens of the Gospel so I can be focused on what really matters in changing and transforming lives to the glory of God.
Oliver from Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
I have joined two programs organized by the Gospel City Netowrk. Both programs have contributed to turning points in my journey of faith.

The Incubator and the Intensive (conducted in partnership with City-to-City Asia Pacific) have changed the way I am doing ministry.

The facilitators helped me see a clearer picture in church planting. They also help me write action plans, develop the philosophy of ministry, and my preaching.

The follow-on one-on-one coaching is also an immense help as I began active church planting in the field. Plus, I have been greatly blessed by my cohorts from the region. 
Chris from Penang, Malaysia
The Incubator and the Intensive (ran in partnership with CTC APAC) were designed with a content roadmap which led to eye-opening insights. They helped me contextualize objective truths of the gospel in a subjective culture, in a moment in time.

Both courses helped me draw links between my day to day actions/reactions) to the centrality of the gospel as the most profound change agent, highlighting my need and the rich source of life and steadfast hope.

  1. The Team showed unwavering support in cultivating transformative experiences. I had direct access to the trainers who made my growth goals their very own. I highly recommend this course. 
Gurpreet from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Network for a Particular Denomination?

No, we are a cross-denominational organisation that works with members of all denominations who can affirm the statement of faith of Gospel City Network.

Are you Affiliated with any Churches or Institutions?

The Green House is the online learning platform of the Gospel City Network which is an affiliate of Redeemer City to City, New York. We work closly with other City to City affiliates, in particular, with City to City Asia Pacific.

How do you work alongside Churches and Institutions in the Cities?

We are a training academy that works along side churches and institutions with their own denominational practises and governance, training pastors/elders, ministry leaders and church planters to lead and plant churches in the cities.
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