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2 hours per week
5-week course
oct 2 - oct 30

How People Change

How People Change is an online five-week course based on Paul David Tripp and Timothy Lane’s book How People Change. Mario Suwendy, a biblical counselor with Kasih Care, will be the course trainer. How People Change is an introduction to biblical counseling. The course will feature an instructive, lecture component, and an interactive component where participants will discuss topics in Zoom breakout rooms. The course will explain the integral role of counseling in the church community. And explore how to care for, engage with, and walk alongside people with a confidence rooted in the Bible. Participants will complete self-reflective work to prepare for each session, as they personally prepare to help others through the ministry of the word of God. There is no prerequisite knowledge or experience needed to join this course. 


Thank you for your interest in How People Change, an online course based on Paul Tripp and Timothy Lane's book. All seats for the course are filled, and registration is closed. Due to the interactive nature of the course, there was only a limited number of seats available.

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course FORMAT
  • Weekly Zoom Sessions:
    1) Lecture, and
    2) Interactive in Breakout Rooms
  • Pre-Session Self-Reflection Work
This course will help you:
  1. To understand, and be able to articulate the integral role of biblical counseling for the church.
  2. To grow personally in Christlikeness, as preparation for caring for others.
  3. To explore how to care for, engage with, and walk alongside others.
  4. To grow in confidence of ministering the word of God to others.
course trainer

Mario Suwendy

Mario is a counsellor at Kasih Care (a counseling ministry of CDPC Subang Jaya). He holds two degrees in Psychology and is currently pursuing a certificate in Biblical Counseling with CCEF (Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation).

Mario is married to Shannon and they have a son, Jamie. He's passionate about music, fishing and food, and supports Liverpool football club (the best team in the world) and the Minnesota Vikings. If you can't reach him, he's probably out at sea.

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